Export photos from Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition  3 to JAlbum

Version 1.0
Langue : English
Date : 2007-09-19
Author : Vincent DABURON
Projet :
Techno : Java.

AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum objectif

Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3 is a excellent tool to managed and to classified your photographics and your videos but this version does'nt have feature to publish photo on Internet.

JAlbum is good tool to create web photos site.

This tool makes the bridge between Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3 and JAlbum.

AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum make easy use of JAlbum by reading in the Adobe Photoshop Album catalogue to retrieve name photo files, tags, collections and captions.

More precisely, AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum creates quickly 2 files for JAlbum, first file contains photo files list, second file contains captions to JAlbum from collections name, tags name and captions in the Adobe Photoshop Album catalogue.

Example Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition  3, AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum and JAlbum



Video instructions

See AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum in action  (flash format)

Web photo album

See a web photo album example

Processus steps

  1. In Adobe Photoshop Album SE 3, create a new collection or a new tag and marke photos to publish on Web photo site. Make "drag and drop" tag or collection to photos (example collection : web)
  2. Start JAlbum and create a new empty project (example projet : web_export)
  3. Start AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum, chose the collection or the tag newest create in the choice list or write a regular expression when you want more than one collection or tag. Select the new JAlbum project directory. Click on  "Create files to JAlbum" button.
  4. In JAlbum, click on 2 blue arrows button to refresh projet files, photos with captions are show.Select a theme and start web site generation.

4 steps to create web photo site

adophotoalbumexportjalbum process description


Interface description

User interface

adophotoalbumexportjalbum  user interface 

Num Caption
1 Tags or collection choice list
Choose tag or collection corresponding with photos to export
Don't take tags begin with "cat:" because it's a directory not a tag or collection
2 Selected JAlbum project
3 Select JAlbum directory
4 With caption short and long associete to photo
5 With tag associete to photo
6 Replace accent characters with html code
7 Create 2 files in JAlbum Directory 
- photos list file
- captions file
8 Regular expression for Collection
9 Regular expression for file name.
Default, select JPEG or JPG.
Put .*  (characters dot + start) for all types files (photo, video, music)
10 Regular expression for Tag
11 Information message or errors

Command Menu

adophotoalbumexportjalbum  commande menu

Num Caption
1 Create 2 files for JAlbum
- 1st file contains photos list
- 2sd file contains captions, depends state of check boxes "with caption" and "with tags"
2 Informations are read in the catalogue database when this tool start.
If you modifie informations in the Adobe Photoshop Album and you want retrieve modifications, you must reload datas.
Click on "Reload Data From Catalogue (PSA) file" button
3 Quit AdoPhotoAlbumExportJAlbum

Installation et configuration

Go to the installation and configuration page